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Become part of a strong organization

Do you like to be in the mountains at any time of the year?  Providing help where others have reached their limits is a great challenge and a way of life. We'll give you the knowledge you need!

become a mountain rescuer

To become a mountain rescuer, contact your nearest local office.

You can find all local offices here:local offices


We look forward to your willingness to work with the Austrian Mountain Rescue Service, Upper Austria provincial organization.

Contact the nearest local office in Upper Austria

 Our expectations

  • Voluntary and honorary work in a local office

  • Active participation in the mountain rescue service system

  • Basic training within 5 years

  • readiness for further training

  • Alpine sports as personal leisure activities


  • Interest and time for voluntary work

  • 16-hour first aid course not older than two years

  • 16 years of age completed

  • Social skills, ability to work in a team

  • Readiness for education and continuous training

  Alpine skills

  • surefootedness

  • Sufficient condition for 500 m/h

  • Climbing up to the 3rd level of difficulty in lead climbing
    Safe skiing on and off the slopes in any snow situation

State Training Courses


Medical education

detailed information on this

basic course

Contents: GPS handling, knowledge of knots, makeshift mountain rescue technology in the rock
Duration: 3 daysAge Date: NoNovember

Winter course I

Contents: Behavior in open terrain, rescuing companions, treating ski injuries, transporting injured people in ski terrain with makeshift and planned rescue equipment, rescuing and caring for people who have suffered from hypothermia, resuscitation in an avalanche, practical knowledge of avalanches;
Duration: 3 days Date: January/February

Winter course II

Contents: Touring skiing in high alpine and combined terrain, orientation on
Ski touring, bivouac construction and bivouac in winter, assessment of the snow and avalanche situation, avalanche knowledge, planned avalanche deployment, and helicopter deployment in winter, operational tactics for avalanche deployment, anchoring in the snow, crevasse rescue;
Duration: 4.5 days Date: March/April

Rock Course II

Contents: Alpine climbing, knowledge of knots, roping, fixed points on the rock, belay point on the rock, belaying and safety techniques, abseiling, setting up fixed and off-road ropes, roping techniques for via ferrata, makeshift mountain rescue technology on the rock, treating injured people and transporting them away, scheduled use on the rock ( mountain stretcher, static ropes, steel cable device), planned search operation, helicopter rescues in rocky terrain, alpine equipment, orientation, cooperation with the AEG Alpine police task force and their tasks; radio instruction voice controlled devices etc.
Duration: 5 days Date: July/August

ice course

Contents: glacier tours, combined tours, basic technique in using crampons, fixed points in the ice, belay point in the ice, ice climbing, roping up on the glacier, makeshift mountain rescue technology on ice/Firn, planned rescue, care for the injured, knowledge of the glacier, tactics for ice tours;
Duration: 3 days Date: September/October   

In addition, you have to complete advanced training in first aid and the basics of alpine medicine, which are offered in courses run by the state management.


Civil, army and police mountain guides who have completed their training can be accepted into the mountain rescue service immediately upon application by the local office.


course reports

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"As a mountaineer, I want to make a contribution to helping people who are in need on the mountain."

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