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Transalp emergency doctor courses

For more than 10 years now, the Bavarian mountain rescue service has been organizing the Transalp emergency doctor courses at various locations in the regions in cooperation with the mountain rescue services from Austria and the AV South Tyrol.


In addition to the "basic mountaineering training" and "basic mountain rescue training" for summer and winter, an air rescue course is offered in the unique simulation hall in Bad Tölz and a travel and high-altitude medicine course at the Schaubachhütte in the Ortler massif.


A good mixture of refreshing and supplementing basic mountaineering skills, comprehensive and up-to-date mountain rescue techniques and mountain rescue doctor-relevant focal points (in particular improvisation even under adverse circumstances with limited resources) in theory and practice offers optimal preparation for prospective mountain rescue doctors. Professional trainers on the one hand and the valuable exchange with colleagues from a wide range of disciplines and areas of application from different countries on the other offer comprehensive and valuable enrichment for every experienced colleague.


While the completion of all courses replaces the BW basic training for mountain rescue doctors, ÖFRD doctors are required to have completed the Federal Republic of Germany training in addition to the emergency doctor diploma. You can freely choose the number and selection of courses, which are currently offered free of charge.

In addition to the crediting of DFP training points, you can also acquire various diplomas. After completing all courses, you receive, for example, the "International Diploma in Mountain Emergency Doctor" (UIAA/ICAR/SMM) or the designation "Emergency Doctor Mountain Rescue".


All in all, I look back gratefully on a valuable, interesting and enriching time and I can warmly recommend the courses to everyone interested in alpine medicine.


Wilfried Berkenhoff

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